1933 - Fred Offenhauser starts OFFENHAUSER ENGINEERING CO. Continues to manufacture the Miller engine. Louis Meyer wins INDY 500 again with Dale Drake as crew-chief.

1934 - Offenhauser and Goossen design and manufacture the fabulous 4 cylinder 91 cid OFFY Midget engine. This engine was in production and a winner until the earley '70's.

1936 - Louis Meyer with Dale Drake as crew-chief, again win the INDY 500 for the third time.

1937 - Dale Drake opens a shop and manufactures DRAKE 2 cylinder midget engines.

1945 - Dale Drake along with now partner Louis Meyer formed DALE DRAKE MACHINE CORP.

1946 - Louis Meyer and Dale Drake buy out Fred Offenhauser .In the sale Fred dedicated the names 'OFFENHAUSER' and 'OFFY' to them in the bill of sale.

1949 - The engines were still called 'OFFENHAUSER' or 'OFFY' but they changed the corporation to MEYER & DRAKE ENGINEERING CORP.

1965 - Dale, Eve,and John Drake bought out Louis Meyer. Ford Motor Co. had wanted Meyer & Drake to handle sales and service on Fords 255 DOHC Indy engine, but Dale and John wanted to continue with the Offy and supercharge it. The company name changed to DRAKE ENGINEERING & SALES CORP. Aka DRAKE-OFFY. LOUIS MEYER INC. was Louie's new company to service and sell Fords Indy engine.

1968 - Stewart Van Dyne starts to work TRACO ENGINEERING.

1971 - While at Traco, Stewart would pick up parts at Drake for Davey Crockett, who was in charge of the Offy department. Stewart became fast friends with Dale, Eve, and John Drake along with Leo Goossen, Walter Sobraske and many others. John Drake starts on DRAKE JET DRIVE for boats.

1972 - Stewart Van Dyne and Eddie Hanson take over the Offy dept. at Traco. Both had just turned 24 years old. It was their first time to the INDY 500 race and won it as the engine builders for Mark Donahues Penske Racing entry. Dale Drake dies.

1973 - Hans Hermann while working for GM OPEL in Germany, meets Stewart at Traco to purchase Chevy V8 parts for a project at OPEL.

1974 - Leo Goossen dies.

1975 - Hans Hermann moves to the USA. Doing consultant work, he stops by Drake to see if he could rent the Dyno to run a engine on. John Drake hires Hans to take over the Engineering Dept.

1976 - John Drake,George Salih,and Hans Hermann ask Stewart Van Dyne to join them at Drake to help with manufacturing and development of a new Indy engine , the DT 160 DRAKE V8. Stewart is Manager of Research and Development.

1977 - Drake produces all engine parts to convert RABBIT engines for SUPER VEE Mlni Indy competition and prepares Chevys for USAC Silver Crown series.

1979 - V8 over budget. Drake takes in job shop work to stay alive. Drake needs to downsize. A group makes offer to purchase most of machine shop. They want to keep the shop where it is. John and Stewart build a wall and downsize the Drake side to about 8000 feet, keeping some offices ,engineering office,and dyno room. Stewart becomes Vice President.

1980 - John Drake, Stewart Van Dyne, and Hans Hermann design and manufacture a few 48 cid inline 3 cylinder engines for a Unmanned Air Vehicle prototype project. MAZDA CORP. has Drake preparing rotory engines for IMSA use. Drake starts a Motorsport Division to supply performance engine and chassis parts for water cooled Volkswagens High Performance street and race products. Also preparing Chevys for front running USAC Silver Crown cars.

1983 - John, Stewart, and Hans Design and manufacture a air cooled 31 cid 2 cylinder engine for a prototype Unmanned Air Vehicle. Also design and manufacture a 16 valve head to fit the Rabbit engine for midget use.

1984 - Shelby has Drake design and manufacture a few 16 valve heads for Dodge's 4 cylinder engine.

1985 - McLaren Engines has Drake design and manufacture some prototype 3 valve and 4 valve heads for the Buick V6.

1986 - John, Stewart, and Hans consult on design of a new 4 cylinder engine to be used for an Unmanned Air Vehicle,to be manufactured at Leading Systems Inc.

1987 - Stewart leaves Drake to manage all mechanical assembly,engine development, and gearbox development for a UAV at Leading Systems. John, Hans,and Bob Armas design and manufacture prototype 4 valve heads to fit Chevy V8.

1988 - Stewart opens VAN DYNE ENGINEERING while working at Leading Systems. Hires Bob Armas to run shop during the day. Stewart works at Van Dyne nights and weekends. Offy engines for vintage cars. Chevys for sprint cars, road racing, and boats. Fords for sprint cars and road racing. Lamborgheni and Ferrari for street.

Tres Van Dyne, at 7 years old, helps dad build a 159 Offy engine.

1989 - Stewart leaves Leading Systems to work at Van Dyne full time. John Drake sends a customer with two 220 Offys to be prepaired for vintage Formula One car.

1990 - Van Dyne makes castings and manufactures parts for vintage Gurney/Weslake V12 engines to fit Eagle Formula One cars.

1991 - Van Dyne oversees design and manufacture of a starter and clutch assembly to be used on Midget,Sprint, and Silver Crown Cars.

1992 - John Drake brings the big Offy and Drake V8 patterns and drawings to Van Dyne for safe keeping and combined use. John keeps midget Offy patterns as he is manufacturing a batch of parts to build some 110 Offy engines. Drake designs and manufactures water pumps to be used on small block Chevy and Ford engines. Van Dyne helps John test water pumps on engines.

1993 - Van Dyne designs and manufactures cam drive water pumps for clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.

1994 - Drake continues with 110 Offy engine part production and water pumps.

1996 - General Motors has Drake manufacture water pumps for the new Aurora IRL Indy Engines.

1999 - Dodge has Drake manufacture water pumps for their NASCAR engine programs.

2000 - John Drake and Stewart Van Dyne start talks about Van Dyne Engineering acquiring Drake Engineering and merging into Van Dynes manufacturing facility.

2001 - Stewart and Tres Van Dyne purchase all of Drake Engineerings Drawings, Patterns, Tooling, Machinery, Parts Inventory, along with Naming Rights of DRAKE, OFFENHAUSER, OFFY,MEYER & DRAKE, and DRAKE-OFFY engines,parts and components to continue manufacturing.

2002 - General Motors has Van Dyne tool up to manufacture a new water pump for Chevrolets 03 IRL Indy Engines. Van Dyne manufactures water pumps for Dodge,along with engine parts for 255 and 270 Offys,

2004 - Van Dyne consults on a new 6 cylinder opposed 6 liter diesel engine design for a aerospace co. to be used on a UAV project.

2005 - Van Dyne receives diesel engine parts from aerospace co. Had to modify most of the major parts ,because of interference, and manufacture many more.

2006 - While working on the diesel engine project, another UAV company has Van Dyne design a Dry Sump Oil System, for an engine they were using, and do some durability testing on the dyno. Diesel engine will run after New Years.

2007 - Diesel runs on dyno and is a complete success, engine shuts off with a switch. Redesign starts on DT 160 Drake V8 to be used for Bonneville and Hot Rods. Increased capacity to 183 cid or up to 200 cid supercharged, turbocharged, or normally aspirated. New version to be named VAN DYNE-OFFY 183 V8.

2008 - Van Dyne manufactures Stellite faced Inconel valves, for engines running on dry fuels, to retard wear on seats and valve faces.

2009 - Continue to manufacture our brands of engine parts:Van Dyne, Drake, Offy, Offenhauser, Drake-Offy, and soon to be released the VAN DYNE-OFFY 183 V8, a supercharged version.

2010 - The OFFY, OFFENHAUSER,and DRAKE-OFFY engines and parts have now been continuously manufactured for over 75 years. Our engines have won the INDY 500 26 times and water pumps have won 33 times. We will have to see what the year 2010 brings.