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Van Dyne water pumps
Offenhauser Remote, Chevy and Ford Water Pumps and More
DRAKE-OFFENHAUSER Race and High Performance Water Pumps
Our water pumps are engineered to meet the extreme engine cooling demands of race and high performance street applications. We have pumps to fit Chevy and Ford small blocks, Chevy big block also the McKay left hand inlet big block Chevy CanAm pump. Remote mount with dual or single outlets and left or right hand rotation. All of our pumps are precision made of aluminum 356-T6 alloy, tumbled finish is standard .Available polished or tumbled with black or clear anodizing optional. Because of the unique internal flow chamber configuration and inverted impeller design, our Drake-Offenhauser High Performance Water Pumps flow a greater volume of coolant, at a higher pressure, than conventional water pumps. They also equalize coolant distribution to both banks, insuring constant operating temperatures throughout. This enhances overall engine longevity and driveability. The Drake-Offenhauser High Performance Water Pumps ability to maintain proper engine operating temperatures, even under the most severe conditions, is vital to the reliability of every engine. Our water pumps are not modified stock pumps, they are totally new water pumps, designed to race specifications for the most extreme performance and competition applications.

For over 80 years Van Dyne / Drake-Offenhauser has been synonymous with high performance / racing engine innovation and excellence. Our many years of INDY CAR experience in developing and perfecting the famed TURBO Offenhausers, has enabled us to prove that technology ourselves in racing and high performance applications.

Water pumps available for small block Chevys and Fords, big block Chevys, stock mounting position. Remote mount Offenhauser water pumps, custom mounting. Cam driven water pumps, left or right hand rotation, 4" remote mount water pumps, single or dual outlet, left or right hand rotation. McKay CanAm car style left hand inlet BB Chevy We can modify many stock type water pumps with a special left or right hand iron or stainless impeller that we manufacture.
Offenhauser Remote Water Pump
Big Block Chevy Can Am Water Pump
Small Block Chevy Water Pump
Ford Focus Water Pump
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